As a head of HR I know it is important to you that the plant training program fits into the HR strategy and also into the L&D plans. You have so many opportunities to choose from and I know that you’re aware which areas are most important to develop now.

Since I was sitting on the other side for two decades I have seen lots of training companies with their offers and I know that many are average but there are also a couple of special ones.

Our sales training is built in a way that it is practice oriented, it is tailored to your company’s needs and it truly drives change. You can actually measure this change by watching the sales teams culture transform you can see that they are now using new vocabulary that they have used during the trainings and of course the conversion rates improve.

Our public speaking training is really amazing. Participants learn how to deliver a clear message in a persuasive manner but also in an entertaining way even if it’s about business. They learn that giving a speech has to be supported with good body language by using the stage and they can really emphasize the main points by using the right vocal variety.

Our leadership trainings are something completely unique in the market. We are using the analogy between professional sports people and their trainers and the corporate environment.

Programs like Change Management or the Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback are so vital that everybody has to see them. Our exercises show participants how these theories can be utilized in the practice as well.

I suggest that we meet and talk about your business, your strategy and of course your challenges I am quite sure that we will have the opportunity to cooperate once we meet and talk about your needs.

See you soon

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